Morag Cromey-Hawke

Morag made an appointment with her GP when she noticed a cyst that had appeared on her breast. She knew it was a  cyst because she had had something similar a few years earlier. The GP decided Morag should first have an ultrasound before doing anything else. On the day she went for the ultrasound, she noticed another slightly different lump and so asked that attention was also paid to that area.

A few days later the surgeon performed a needle biopsy on  both ‘lumps’ and asked Morag to return for the results around a week later. Results proved inconclusive, so the surgeon thought it best he do another biopsy a few days later. Within a week he called  Morag back and explained that the cyst was non malignant but the small lump was cancerous.

Two days later she was back in hospital to have the lump plus a safe margin removed. Thankfully the surgeon acted quickly, followed by the oncologist, and Morag eventually  underwent a month of radiation therapy, having all her treatment in the UAE.  Five years later Morag feels blessed that she has had such attentive care and can now celebrate the ‘Five Year Milestone’!

A couple of months ago Julie Lewis called Morag to tell her about the expedition to Antarctica she was planning. Morag decided that she would go to the ends of the Earth if she could help raise some funds to provide free corrective surgeries for children with cleft lip and cleft palate. Having enjoyed good health for a large part of her life before having to deal with cancer, Morag feels these children have to face enormous challenges from the day they are born, so it seemed fitting to challenge herself physically to help transform children’s lives.

Morag says “I am enormously happy to have the support of my family and friends and especially HH Sheikha Al Jazia Bint Saif Al Nahyan who has been a great source of encouragement throughout my treatment.

“I believe that this support will carry me through the physically challenging expedition. Having met most of the other participants I also know that we will encourage each other and our sense of humour will certainly carry us through any tough times.”