Margaret Barkett

Passionate about family, food, and nature, Margaret savors all three when at home or traveling. She is fortunate to have had a careful doctor who diagnosed non-palpable breast cancer when she was 37. There is no doubt, detecting an aggressive early stage cancer at that time saved Margaret’s life.

In light of such fortune, coupled with the love and support of her family and friends, going through a course of treatment spanning seven month was a breeze. A biologist by training who specialized in cancer research during her graduate studies, Margaret was able to take the bull by the horns by learning all about the disease she was fighting. Margaret also reached out to others who have gone through cancer treatment and were already leading normal lives at the time.

The scientific knowledge she gained, along with the personal experience has  provided Margaret with a keen sense of empowerment. Having put breast cancer behind her, Margaret facilitates the translation of developments in medical research to clinical treatments aimed at saving and improving the lives of children facing challenging diseases.

In joining the expedition, Margaret hopes to share her story with others who are currently dealing with breast cancer as a means of enabling the development of their own sense of empowerment, along with the ability to imagine an active post-cancer life.

Being on a team of women who live in the Middle East also gives Margaret a sense of connection to her roots in Beirut, where she grew up before moving to the US as a college freshman. As an avid traveler who revels in the beauty that surrounds her, be that in the shape of a flower’s petal, the cloud patterns of a skyscape, the texture of a building’s reflection in a plaza pool, or the twinkle in a child’s eyes, Margaret is looking forward to discovering a new corner of the world.