Linda Berlot

Linda Berlot is Italian and has been living in the UAE since 2008.  Throughout her life she has travelled extensively and loves meeting new people, exploring foreign lands and learning about new cultures.   As a coach, she is passionate about working with people in multicultural environments, and helping them achieve their dreams.

Along with her sister Lara, she is a breast cancer survivor. Linda dreams of going to Antarctica with her sister in order to help other woman, in particular her 14 year old niece, see that there is life after cancer.  As a survivor she understands what it means to feel powerless and to be constantly holding your breath; Linda would like to show other woman who feel the same, that by going out and making dreams happen for yourself, you can start to reclaim your life and feel incredibly empowered when doing so.

The journey Linda has faced over the last year has been one of self-discovery.  She has learned that when you are faced with a life challenge such as breast cancer, you have the opportunity to re-connect with your strength and power as a woman. Going to the Antarctic will be a celebration of life for her, a confirmation that life is a gift, a gift that must not be wasted. Life must be lived to the fullest!