Lara Berlot

Lara Berlot is 41 years old, born in Africa, and briefly live in Italy during her childhood before moving again to Africa when she was 12 to live with her mother and sister, Linda. Being in a house of girls, her mother taught them from a young age to be brave, strong and independent, which has helped Lara through many of the challenges that life has thrown her way.

Lara’s whole family has been struck by cancer; her mother fought breast cancer for twelve long years before passing two years ago. Her father was struck by prostate cancer, which they thankfully managed to catch at an early stage. Her sister, Linda, successfully underwent a double mastectomy to remove breast cancer and reduce any chance of recurrence. Lara herself has also survived breast cancer and is proud to say that she has reached her ‘five-year survival’ stage.

Lara says “One cannot begin to expain what being diagnosed with this disease can do to friends, family, and to yourself. Your whole life is turned upside-down – nothing is as it was, and nothing is what it seems – you feel so vulnerable.

“I was lucky to be able to learn a good lessons in life, and once again learned to be brave and strong, to have a good network of friends and an amazing family to lean on. In this respect, many good things come out of tragedy too – I think in some ways, people who go through this journey enjoy life just a little bit more afterwards, and that is what is truly amazing.”

Lara is taking the Antarctica challenge to show her daughter that you can be brave, strong, independent. Lara wants to prove that there is life after cancer and hope for everyone with enough knowledge, prevention and support.

Lara now lives a simple life in Interkaen, Switzerland, with her life partner, Hadrien and her daughter who is now 14 years old. Lara love challenges and adventures, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, along with reading and spending quality time with family and friends. To celebrate her five year clearance, she went skydiving – that’s life and that’s living!