Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis

Julie Lewis

Julie is the  Founder of Mountain High and the Jewels of Antarctica Expedition Leader. She is a British Sports Scientist, NLP Master, Inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator  and mountaineer with a passion for people and wild places. Julie  established Mountain High in 2003 to empower and inspire as many women as possible to step out of their comfort zone, unlock sleeping potential, connect with new cultures and make a difference through adventure challenges, retreats and personal leadership programmes.


Julie  climbed her first mountain on her 40th birthday and to date she has reached a personal best of 7,000m with her husband Calin on Cho Oyu in Tibet.  Julie’s has led over 40  multi-national teams of women on expeditions and climbs in Africa, Nepal, South America, India, Morocco, South Africa, Lebanon, Cyprus, Tibet, Borneo, Iran, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the Arctic … and is delighted to be heading to Antarctica this December.

Julie is most at home when in nature and empowering others to live their wildest dreams with courage and confidence.

A philanthropist at heart Julie is passionate about supporting women’s health initiatives and has been raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer since 2003.  Julie is a board member for Breast Friends, a breast cancer support group established by Dr Houriya Kazim in Dubai that provides funding for those women unable to cover the cost of their treatment.

Julie has had “ Antarctica” on the “ must do list “  since her first expedition to the Arctic back in 2007  and came up with the concept of taking the first and only team of breast cancer survivors from the UAE as a pioneering way to highlight the strength and spirit of women , to encourage women to be explorers and highlight a team of women who have gone through the challenge of breast cancer getting into action and inspiring other women to take charge of their breast health and live a full life.

Her concept of ‘MAD LOVE’– making a difference through lots of valuable experiences ties in with one of her many life mottos; ‘Whatever the question is love is the answer’.  Julie’s motto is ‘Love what you do and do  what you love – life is an adventure, live it with passion.   Julie is a big advocate for health related fitness and the transformational powers of nature.

Julie lived in Dubai for 12 years  and is currently  based in Abu Dhabi  where she lives with her husband Calin.