Jayne Battams

Jayne was born in Whitechapel, London in February 1960.  She was the first born, her brother Mark coming along some 2 years later.  She was part of a small family and was brought up in Benfleet, Essex

Jayne was quite a vivacious girl at School and on one occasion led a school protest regarding a favorite teacher’s retrenchment.  She also helped with others to make the school more open to different uniform options.  She still keeps in close contact with the friends she made at that school and they try and meet up when she returns to the United Kingdom on holiday.

After leaving school, Jayne worked for Norton Rose Solicitors in the City of London for over 20 years.  She was very lucky to travel with colleagues and friends during that time and took a 3 month holiday to work on a kibbutz.

Jayne is very open to challenges so after leaving Norton Rose she became a Bar Manager in a Champagne and Oyster Bar in Canary Wharf for over 5 years, during this time she met her partner George who was a returned ExPat Construction Manager.  He managed to impress Jayne enough for them to fall in love and embark on a future together.

George persuaded Jayne to move with him to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. in 2006 and it was whilst Jayne was looking for an apartment in Abu Dhabi that she discovered a small lump.  Jayne returned home to London and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Between her surgeon, Tena Walters and her Oncologist, Paul Ellis in Harley Street they helped Jayne to survive chemo and hair loss with great spirit and strength.  Jayne is very strong when she sets her mind to things, and it is this inner strength that carries her through.

Jayne and George have travelled far and wide together and are both scuba
divers, sharing the deep together in Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  Jayne loves to travel and has a very open view on the people and places she visits, especially loving the diverse cultures of India and the Far East.

Jayne’s wish to go to Antarctica is driven by her desire to give something back and enjoy a life time experience with ladies that have all had a similar life changing experience.

Jayne has the full support of George in this adventure and the very best wishes from all her friends.