Laurie Kelly

Laurie Kelly is a two-time breast cancer survivor, huge advocate for mammograms and first-time explorer! Laurie was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44 following a routine mammogram. Her cancer was caught early and Laurie felt very lucky that she didn’t have to go through chemotherapy but “only” a lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation. Having successfully completed treatment, Laurie moved on with her life, full steam ahead.

A short 18 months later, Laurie was once again diagnosed with a new cancer during a follow-up mammogram. Not feeling as lucky this time, she was still thankful that her cancer had been caught early and once again would not require chemo. The second time around required several surgeries and the need to temporarily relocate her family from the UAE to the USA for eight months of treatment.

At 47 (for another few weeks), Laurie is looking forward to her first expedition. Her family and friends already consider her an adventurer. Laurie has lived and worked in six countries, has traveled to numerous others and is currently living in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to being the head of communications and marketing for the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) in Abu Dhabi, Laurie has been active in raising awareness for breast cancer in the region and is a frequent speaker at events.

Laurie’s husband and two beautiful daughters have encouraged her to take on this adventure and support all her efforts in the fight against breast cancer.