Under Patronage of

We are extremely honored to travel under the Patronage of her Highness Sheikha Al Yazia Bint Al Saif Al Nayhan, wife of the UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs, HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The dinner gathering with our Patron was a  memorable experience and was the  first time the whole Antarctica  team from the UAE were together. Her words about our team make us feel stronger than ever:

“I am so proud of these women who are willing to share their personal stories with other people because I believe that they will inspire other women who have the belief that cancer will mean the end of their life to think again and to have faith in their ability to fight and live their lives to the full.”

On 2nd December, UAE National Day we will have our own flag celebration in Ushuaia, Argentine. For sure we will take a moment to thank Her Highness for her Patronage and remind each other of the wonderful opportunities the United Arab Emirates has given us in our lives.

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Abu Dhabi Week- National Day article



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Abu Dhabi Week – National Day article






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