The team members of Jewels of Antarctica had their first training session on Saturday 6th October on the slopes of Ski Dubai at The Mall of the Emirates, where they were put through their paces by the team leader Julie Lewis. They did warming up exercises and then split up. Some of the members put their strength and endurance to the test by climbing the steep slopes, while others were given a lesson on how to walk on a rope with snow shoes on, in teams of three. It was then time to switch over and so it went on. The training session was filmed by Dubai One who took a keen interest in the training in progress.

It was then off with the snow shoes and hiking boots, and on to Jebel Ali Hotel where kayak training was next. Everyone split up into pairs and rowed out on two- seater kayaks. It was a great team effort with all the members seeming to take to it naturally and there were no incidences to report.

It was a successful day of training…and a wake- up call for all team members. They all realized after that session that they needed to go home or to the gym if you will, and step up their game. A half an hour or 45 minutes of training was not enough. It needed to be more!

The next training session was on the 20th October which was once again at Ski Dubai where the same routine was followed. It was decided that kayak training on that day was not necessary as everyone had done so well with it the last time.

Whether the team will be tested one more time in a snow training session  before they all embark on their expedition on the 1st December remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, they are all working very hard whether it is at home, the gym or striding it out at the Yas Arena or on the Corniche, to make sure that they are as strong and as fit as possible to take on and conquer the mountains of Antarctica, just as they have taken on and conquered breast cancer.